Brownwood Texas Criminal Lawyer

An arrest for a criminal offense can forever change your life. It can jeopardize your reputation, your job, your finances and possibly even your freedom. The right Brownwood Texas Criminal Defense Attorney is essential to defending your rights and protecting your freedom.

There are few things in life more terrifying than being prosecuted for a crime. For most people, all they know about the path a criminal case takes is from what they have seen on television or in the movies. Having a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer who can explain the process and then successfully guide you through it is essential. Our Brownwood Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers have years of experience defending criminal cases and can ease many of your fears.

Criminal Defense - Areas of Practice

Our attorneys handle a wide range of criminal matters including all felony and misdemeanor charges. Some of the cases we handle include:

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Criminal Defense

Our Brownwood Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys represent clients throughout Central Texas in Brown County, Comanche County, McCulloch County, Coleman County, Eastland County, Mills County, San Saba and Erath County, including the cities of Brownwood, Early, Bangs, Brady, Coleman, Eastland, Goldthwaite, Comanche, De Leon, San Saba, Stephenville and Dublin.

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Aside from the punishment that can come from the court, there are many others indirect consequences that can result from a criminal conviction. A conviction can have life long effects and can even end your career if you are a professional and hold a state issued license or certificate like law enforcement officers, doctors, nurses, pilots, teachers or members of the military. A conviction can also effect your ability to get the job you want, get a loan or to get into school. Our Brownwood Criminal Lawyer is very familiar with these unseen consequences and will work to help you avoid them.

Expunction and Nondisclosure of Criminal Records

In addition to criminal defense, our Brownwood Texas Criminal Lawyers also assist clients in clearing up their criminal records through the filing of Expunction and Nondisclosure proceedings.