Brownwood Texas Drug Lawyer

Drug Manufacturing and Drug Delivery charges are treated much differently than allegations of simply possessing drugs. Prosecutors, judges and juries do not like drug dealers and with some cases carrying minimum sentences of 15 years, make no mistake, your freedom is at risk and you should contact our Brownwood Texas Drug Lawyer immediately.

Texas law defines delivery as transferring, actually or constructively, to another a controlled substance, counterfeit substance or drug paraphernalia. With the definition of delivery including constructive delivery there is no requirement that there be a hand-to-hand transfer of the drugs. If you contact someone and advise them where the drugs will be and that person picks up the drugs, you can be guilty of constructive drug delivery.

Illegal Drug Classifications in Texas

The Texas Health and Safety Code divides controlled substances into five penalty groups, plus a separate category for marijuana. All of the common illegal street drugs are included as well as prescription medications that are illegal to possess without a prescription. Ranges of punishment for drug delivery and drug manufacturing are determined based on the quantity and the drug’s penalty group. These laws and how they are applied under different circumstances can be complicated making it that much more important you retain an experienced Brownwood Texas Drug Lawyer.

Penalties for Drug Delivery or Drug Manufacturing

As with Drug Possession, the punishment for drug delivery or drug manufacturing will depend on the quantity of the drug and the penalty group. Additionally, if you are charged with manufacture or delivery in a drug-free zone the penalties can be further enhanced.

Drug-free zones are normally areas where children are present and can include, but are not limited to, schools, churches, playgrounds, youth centers and arcades. If it is proven that you delivered drugs in a drug-free zone the Texas Health and Safety Code provides that your charge and potential range of punishment can be enhanced. It also means that the first 5 years of any term of confinement you receive will be done day for day, without any opportunity for parole or early release.

The State can also enhance your charge if it is proven that a child under the age of 18 was present when drugs were being manufactured.


The State can also bring a civil forfeiture action against you and seek to seize any property used or intended to be used in the commission of your offense. This means that your home, car or other property can be taken from you if the State believes it was used in connection with the crime. If you are served with forfeiture action it is important that you seek the advice of any attorney immediately because if you fail to take any action you will be left without any way to contest the State taking your property.

If you have been charged with drug dealing or drug manufacturing you should contact our Brownwood Texas Drug Delivery Lawyer or Brownwood Texas Drug Manufacturing Attorney immediately. Having the right attorney who has experience and knows the law is essential.