Brownwood Texas Sex Crimes Lawyer

An allegation of Sexual Assault is without question one of the most frightening charges an individual can face. You face hostile prosecutors, harsh public opinion and the punishment can be extreme. Punishment for some sex offenses can be as high as life imprisonment and it is not uncommon for convicted sex offenders to receive lengthy prison sentences. To further compound the problem, a conviction often includes a life time requirement of registration as a sex offender.

More frightening, perhaps, is the fact that false and/or mistaken allegations are not unusual. Many studies have found that a significant number of allegations of sexual assault are intentionally false, motivated by personal animosity, or arise as a response to a mistaken identity. A study published by the Department of Justice Report found that of approximately 10,000 sexual assault cases analyzed with DNA evidence over the previous seven years, 2,000 excluded the primary suspect, and another 2,000 were inconclusive. The report also noted that these findings mirror a National Institute of Justice survey of private laboratories, and suggests that there exists "some strong, underlying systemic problems that generate erroneous accusations and convictions." Some law enforcement studies have found that as many as ½ of allegations of sexual assault are false.

In addition, when children are involved, false statements, mistake and manipulation by adults, coupled with the public’s understandable urge to protect the young and helpless, can often lead to situations where individuals are wrongly accused and, in many cases, wrongly convicted.

Our Brownwood Texas Sex Crimes Lawyer is experienced in dealing with all types of sex crimes and considering the seriousness of any sex crime allegation you should contact us immediately.

Types of Sex Crimes

Sex crimes come in a number of forms including:

  • Sexual Assault - This is the crime we commonly think of when we think of a rape. It can occur between people in a relationship or strangers. The offense doesn’t always include intercourse and can be charged when only “sexual contact” has been made.
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault – This is a sexual assault that occurs under particularly violent circumstances or involves a child under the age of 14, an elderly person or someone who is disabled.
  • Indecency with a Child – The Texas Penal Code details a number of acts that when committed against a child younger than 17, make up the crime of indecency with a child. Indecency can be committed by contact or by exposure.
  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Prostitution or Solicitation

In no other type of criminal investigation do the extreme feelings of panic and fear, coupled with false promises by law enforcement, cause such a high rate of false confessions. The bottom line is that anyone suspected of a sex crime should contact our Brownwood Sex Crimes Lawyer and refrain from answering any questions by law enforcement until you have had an opportunity to discuss the matter fully with your attorney and evaluate the real costs and benefits of cooperation.

If you have been accused of any sex crime, contact our Brownwood Texas Sex Crimes Lawyer today.