Brownwood Texas Breach of Contract Attorney

Every business is built on the strength of its agreements with other companies and individuals. As a business owner, contracts can protect your rights and your business. While the statute of frauds requires certain contracts to be in writing, oral contracts can also be binding and enforceable in certain circumstances. The breach of a contract can have devastating effects on you and your business.

The Brownwood Breach of Contract Attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason M. Johnson understand that these disputes can be resolved in a number of ways, including settlement or through the process of litigation, and each case must be handled individually. Our firm is experienced in handling breach of contract disputes that include:

  • Real estate contract disputes: We represent clients in disputes arising under contracts for the purchase or sale of real estate. Real estate contract disputes can arise for many reasons and commonly involve allegations that a party failed to disclose defects or other conditions that adversely affect the property prior to the sale being closed.
  • Business contract disputes: Business owners deal with contracts on a daily basis and business contracts can take many forms. We have experience in representing business owners and other business professionals in all types of disputes.
  • Employment contract disputes: We also assist employers and employees in disputes involving employment agreements, severance agreements, non-compete agreements, and other employment litigation.

If you or your business is involved in a dispute involving a breach of contract, contact our Brownwood Breach of Contract Attorney today to discuss your options.